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While the aesthetic appeal and the silk and lace used in bras and other lingerie have become the primary consideration on which a buying decisions is made, it is imperative to understand that the comfort factor should supersede these features. Like with all other support garments choosing a plus sized bra of the right size is crucial to look fantastic and feel fabulous. So, here are some tips on how you can pick a plus size bra for yourself.

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Start with the right size: Choosing the right bra size is extremely important to your level of comfort. Place a tape under breast, against the rib cage. Ensure that it is not too tight rather it should encircle the ribcage snugly. The tape should be placed flat against the skin when taking the measurement with no breast tissue included.
Whatever number you get, simply add five inches to it; this is your chest size. If you get an odd number like 35, add up or round down by an inch to make it 34 or 36. This will be the size of the band/belt that you need.
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Calculating the cup size:

Should you find breast tissue spilling out of the cups of your bra, you may have the wrong cup size. To measure the size of the cups, wrap the tape around your body at the fullest part; this will most likely be the tip of the nipples. The number you get should be subtracted from the band size; the difference will help you to determine the correct cup size.

If the remainder is less than 1 inch, you need an AA cup, one inch equates to an A cup and 2 inches to a B cup all the way to 4 inches for a D cup and 5 inches for a DD cup. Do not try to measure the cup size with a sports bra on; try using a simple unpadded bra or simply take the measurement without one.

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Pick the bra type that best suits your needs: Plus size bras are available in a myriad of designs; from the latest multi-way phenomenon to the conventional full cup bra and from the convenient demi cup and soft cup bras to the va va vroom shelf bras and also the ever popular push up bras. As a matter of fact, if you enjoy flaunting your curvy form in a range of clothes, you may want to consider buying one of each type.
For instance, full cup bras are ideal for women who often complain of rashes and redness under the breast. It offers added support which is just perfect for full-figured women. On the other hand, demi bras or soft cup bras offer far lesser coverage in the bust area and are a big hit among men. They will give you the same sexy silhouette with a perky shape; especially if you buy a bra with under wiring.
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The multi-way bra is a rage among most women; it can be worn in 7 to 10 different ways and you can easily use it with your halter tops, strapless dresses and more. Few women are unaware of the ever popular push up bra; it’s under wiring provides amazing support to prevent the sagging look. Finally, the sensuous shelf bras; also known as cup less bras, these are more for show than functionality. Couple these with a sexy pair of underwear to ignite a sensual fire in your bedroom. Choose the fabric and the color: Finally, pick the fabric and the color. Ideally, if you need a bra for everyday use, nude is the best color. On the other hand, it would also make sense to own at least one white and one black bra.

You will find that most bras are available in a range of fabric and colors; from cotton to satin and from gorgeous pinks and pastels to the flaming reds. Most women discover to their utter delight that the internet offers a greater option when buying lingerie including bras. However, it is imperative to try out a bra at the local store so that you can be absolutely sure about the band and cup sizes before you place your order online.

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